Our kids joined TVA at its beginning two years ago and have been part of TVA’s success to-date. While TVA has specific curriculum by grade level and set schedule, TVA staff work closely with us (parents and kids) to provide feedback for adjustment to encourage engagement, learning and creativity. TVA listens to our inputs and feedback and incorporates in its continuous improvement initiative. We appreciate the research and effort that TVA invests in to be up-to-date if not being ahead of the curve with curriculums and test, but also the faculty’s high qualifications to deliver the teaching. Thank you for the partnership towards our children’s future.

— A mother from Dublin, CA

We moved our two kids from (another neighboring after school program) to TriValley for almost two years now, and glad that we made the change. We were looking for a program that would give my kids more dedicated care and attention, and we found TriValley a great place to meet our needs. Their class size is smaller and their teachers are very caring. Their management team is great to deal with and cares to listen to our needs. For example, after knowing that my 4th grader has other extra activities during certain time of the day, Stephanie and her team adjusted her schedule multiple times to allow my daughter to finish their tutoring and Chinese classes before she has to leave. Ms. Yanyan at the front desk is great and always there to give her hands whenever we need her help, from school pick-up to feeding my kids when we forgot to pack their lunches. The entire staff is just friendly and professional, and they not only listen to our feedback but also take actions. Our kids are happy there. We highly recommend TriValley.

— A mother from San Ramon, CA

(Both my kids) really enjoyed summer camp. They loved the different themes each week and the field trips. They said that they could understand their teachers and learned Chinese much easier. They went to (a neighboring after school program) last year for summer and they didn’t learn much academically since they said they had a hard time understanding the teachers. I also like that TriValley Academy is smaller and more intimate. The kids got more attention. They do not get lost in a sea of kids.

— A mother from San Ramon, CA

(My two children) enjoyed the TVA summer camp very much. They expressed that they both would like to attend TVA in the future (this speaks volume because they do not always say they want to go back to any particular summer camp). They were both comfortable in the environment, comfortable with the teachers, and made many friends. They particularly enjoyed spending their “TVA bucks”, and the cooking week. I also wanted to thank you for making the arrangements for transportation from Castro Valley to TVA. That extra customer service accommodation was greatly appreciated.

— A mother from Castro Valley, CA

About Chinese Program/育才学校的中文教育




有一次女儿问我为什么有小孩不喜欢中文,还说中文boring, 我想这是因为我的孩子们运气好遇到了好老师,让他们喜欢上了中文。我相信,即使以后他们不再上中文课了,他们也一定不会忘记他们在TVA里这段学中文的时光,特别是他们最敬重喜爱的崔老师。

— A mother from San Ramon, CA

女儿当初学中文时,可谓是出师不利。非常辛苦。仅一年级的她竞被中文学习搞得日日寡欢。我也在几次努力失败后, 无耐地放弃了。转到TriValleyAcademy(TVA-育才學校),真却是柳暗花明又一春。教中文的唐老师,热情的接纳了她,对她非常信心, 这一下子鼓励了她,她再次想试一试。几个月后,在唐老师教授下,她的中文真的进步了。看到她对中文有了兴趣,我倍感惊喜。由衷感激Tri-Valley请了一位好老师。而在我看来,这位好老师实际上是为一个孩子打开了一扇中国的门。从那以后,女儿很愿意配合老师。现在的陈老师继续了生动活泼的教学特点,激发出孩子们对中国文化了解的兴趣。女儿不仅开始主动作作业,朗读课文,背唐诗,说成语,唱中文歌,还从图书馆找出有关的中国的故事书读。老师的爱带给他们每天快乐的学习时光。

我也曾让女儿去过几个不同的学后班和暑期班,唯TriValley Academy我敢推荐给我的朋友们。这里的教师团队有爱心,教学经验丰富,教书的同时又育人。学校的学风整,有股正能量。因此,这里的孩子很阳光,快乐。知识学得活。相信我,TriValley-育才學校是此地区最好的。

— A mother from Pleasanton, CA

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